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Interpreters are available when you need a help to take procedures at the window.

Interpreters are available on following days;

English:Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays  8:30~16:00

Elementary Scholl・Junior
High School



Elementary School・Jjunior High School

Entrance to elementary or junior high school

All children who turn six years old enter an elementary school in Fukui city in April. When the children with foreign citizenship enter or transfer to public elementary schools or junior high schools, they must take some procedures. In case if they transfer from another school, the previous school’s certificate is also required.

Things needed to be prepared
  • (In case of transfer) Certificate issued by the previous school
Section in charge
  • School Education Division   Phone:0776-20-5350

Japanese language teaching support

When students have problems with speaking or understanding Japanese, Japanese language teaching volunteers are dispatched to the elementary or junior high schools.

Section in charge
  • School Education Division   Phone:0776-20-5350


Support with volunteer interpreters

When parents have a conference with a teacher at nursery, kindergarten, elementary school or junior high school and need an interpreter, volunteer interpreters are dispatched.

Section in charge
  • Citizen's Collaboration and International Division   Phone:0776-20-5300