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The stormy and rough Sea of Japan, abundant land rich in rivers, mountains clad in green forests… Crammed full of beautiful Japanese nature Fukui City depicts scenes of all four seasons.


Asuwa River Cherry Blossom Trees Row


A two-kilometer row of cherry blossom trees at the bank of the Asuwa River. Included into 100 Beauty Spots of Japanese Cherry Blossom Trees, these cherry trees create an amazing tunnel of cherry blossoms in spring.


Rape Blossoms Road


It stretches for 2.5 kilometer along the Asuwa River Bank and there is a period when it is illuminated at night.



Hydrangea (Ajisai) Road


It attracts popularity as a city flower. Ajisai Road in the Asuwa Mountain boasts 15,000 blooming hydrangea bushes.



Echizen Seacoast


It is a coastline of Echizen-Kaga designated quasi-national park famous for its oddly-shaped rocks and bold cliffs formed by rough waves of the Japan Sea. The fish tossed about by wild waves of the Japan Sea is a must to taste.


Ichijyou Waterfall


A waterfall with an awesome string of water dropped from the height of 12 meters in the upstream of the Ichijyoudani River that runs through Asakura Feudal Clan Ruins. It is famous as a place where legendary swordsman Sasaki Kojiro performed his training.


Miyanoshita Cosmea Garden


A 10 hectare site with about one hundred million blooming cosmea.




Sea Flower


It is a winter natural phenomenon of white foam made by rough waves of the Japan Sea hitting the rocks. Foam swirling up by the wind in a dance is a fantastic show worth seeing.

水仙 Daffodil


Echizen Seacoast is one of the three major places in Japan where daffodils grow gregariously. From winter to early spring  fragrant and pretty daffodils color Echizen Seacoast.