City Guide

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City Guide 

Welcome to Fukui City!

Situated in the center of the Japanese Archipelago, Fukui Cityis surrounded by the coast of varied scenery and verdant mountains. It is a city where the beauty of all four seasons and abundant food culture can be easily found.

Municipalized in 1889, Fukuicity has lived through war and earthquake damages as well as many other calamities. Each time Fukui Cityrose phoenix-like from the ashes and grew to become a major city in the Hokuriku Area. A city of accumulated history, Fukuialso has a manufacturing culture and a tradition of man buildup as it was a home for many great men.

This foundation combined with the key words of our policy – hope and security challenge us to build a festive and comfortable city that people want to continue to live in.

Mayor Shinichi Higashimura




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