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An English interpreter is available on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays,
from 8:30 to 16:00 at City Hall
Phone: 0776-20-5300


Pregnancy – Maternal and Child Health Handbook and Prenatal Health Check-up

When you confirm your pregnancy, you must immediately file a pregnancy notification and receive a Maternal and Child Health Handbook. Handbooks are available in Chinese, English, Portuguese, Korean, Tagalog, Thai, Indonesian, Spanish and Vietnamese.
This handbook contains application cards for health check-ups for the baby and the mother. The pregnant woman is eligible for 14 free health check-ups at any medical facility with the application cards.

When you move to Fukui, you cannot use health check-up application cards obtained in your previous municipality. You will need to exchange them at the Health Center for those used in Fukui City.

Maternal and Child Health Handbook

Maternal and Child Health Handbook

☆Section in charge

・Health Center 4-14-30 Joto, Fukui City
 Tel: 0776-28-1256
・Shimizu Health Center 28-8-1 Kazamaki-cho, Fukui City

※ Maternal and Child Health Handbooks also can be obtained at SHIMIN-KA.
  市民課 (SHIMIN-KA) Window number 2 HONKAN (Main Building) 1F


Birth Notification

When a baby is born in Japan, either the father or the mother must file a Birth Notification within 14 days of birth at city hall.

☆Things you need to prepare

・Birth Notification (can be obtained at the SHIMIN-KA window)
・Birth Certificate (must be completed by a doctor)
Maternal and Child Health Handbook
・Personal Seal

☆Section in charge

市民課 (SHIMIN-KA) Window number 4 HONKAN (Main Building) 1F
Phone 0776-20-5288


Other notifications after childbirth
Services you can Receive After Childbirth