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Children’s Welfare & Health


Medical Expense Subsidy

  • Benefit for High Medical Expenses
  • Child Medical Care Subsidy
  • Medical Care Subsidy for single-mother and children, single-father and children and widows


    National Health Insurance


    Long-term Care Insurance


    All persons over 40 living in Fukui City are automatically enrolled into the Long-term Care Insurance System and must pay insurance contributions. To receive long-term care service, you need to submit an application for long-term care accreditation. After being accredited based on your need for service, you will be able to receive long-term care service by bearing around 10 to 30% of the costs.

    • Persons over 65
      When accredited as needing care or support
    • Persons between 40 and 64
      When accredited as needing care or support because of specifically designated diseases


    〈Notification of change〉

    Please submit a notification form immediately in the following cases, if you are aged 65 or over.

    • When your name or address changes
    • In the event of death
    • When moving out from Fukui City or leaving Japan
     ☆Things you need to prepare
    • Insured certificate card of Long-term Care Insurance

    Insured certificate card of Long-term Care Insurance

     ☆Section in charge

    Phone: 0776-20-5715


    National Pension


    Identification booklet for persons with disabilities

    Identification booklets are to determine the presence of disabilities.

    〈Identification booklet for the physically disabled〉

    This booklet is issued to physically disabled people who have had disabilities for a certain period of time that are connected to their ears, mouth, eyes, arms, legs, heart, kidneys, respiratory organs, bladder, rectum, small intestine, liver, etc.

      〈Medical treatment booklet〉

    This booklet is issued to persons determined to have intellectual disabilities based on their mental and physical development, ability to function in everyday life, behavior, intelligence, and sociability.

     〈Identification booklet for the mentally disabled〉

    This booklet is issued to persons with mental illness who have, as a result of their mental illness, had long-term restrictions on their everyday lives and society.
    The disability welfare system offers various services including issuance of an allowance, medical expense subsidies, welfare services for disabled persons, etc. For details, please contact the section in charge.
    ※Click here to see Special Child Support Allowance

     ☆Section in charge

    Phone: 0776-20-5435 Fax: 0776-20-5407