Fukui City Multicultural Coexistence Plan (Revised version)

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Fukui City Multicultural Coexistence Plan (Revised version)

Fukui City Multicultural Coexistence Plan was drawn up to build a city comfortable for living for both Japanese and foreign people who are considered to be equal residents and who respect each other’s differences.
 Fukui City has promoted "Fukui City Multicultural Coexistence Plan" since 2010. This plan was revised as a five-year project from 2015 to 2020 .

By experiencing various disasters including the Great East Japan Earthquake, we have learned the importance of providing information and support for the foreign residents in case of a disaster, and raising their awareness of disaster prevention. Therefore, we decided to focus on disaster prevention measures for foreign residents in this plan.

This plan’s purpose is to present speculations on fundamental ideas and such regarding the future multicultural coexistence promotion in Fukui city.



 Supporting community – developed by the cooperation of people of different nationalities

 Basic Principal

(1) Create the environment comfortable for foreign residents to live in too 
 Foreign residents living in Fukui city should be treated as citizens and should have rights and bear a burden of duties when receiving administrative services.

(2) Creating multicultural consciousness
To promote a convivial society where various people and cultures coexist, the residents, community and government need to raise awareness of building a multi-cultural society.

(3)Creating a community in which each person can take part  

The support of the entire society is needed to develop the mutual ability of Japanese and foreign citizens and to understand each other. That’s why we need to establish mutual aid and assistance relations in the community.

Basic Policy

(1)Communication support 
Provision of multilingual information and securement of means of information provision 
Study-support of Japanese language and Japanese society

(2)Life support 
 Residency, Education, Employment and work, Medical care・Health・Welfare, Disaster prevention

(3)Creating a multicultural community 
cultivation of Multicultural consciousness 
Multi-culture cirizens group promotion 
Foreign residents' self-support and  participation in the society

(4)Management of Multi-culture promotion system 
Cooperation within the City government 
Cooperation of vaious groups in the community 
Cooperation with the  national and prefectural gorvernment and other cities

Fukui City Multicultural Coexistence Plan (Revised version)

Fukui City Multicultural Coexistence Plan(digest version in English) (PDF:171KB)

Entire text(In Japanese with Hiragana beside each kanji ) (PDF:1,294KB)

  Front Cover(PDF:119KB) 


  Chapter1 Overview (PDF:357KB) 

  Chapter2 Basic idea of Multicultural Coexistence promotion (PDF:391KB)

  Chapter3   Present situation and problems of Multicultural Coexistence promotion (PDF:550KB)

  Chapter4  Measures of Fukui City Multicultural Coexistence Plan(Revised) (PDF:695KB)

  Chapter5 (PDF:197KB)  


Fukui City Multicultural Coexistence Plan  (Revised) Data version (PDF:822KB)



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