Message from the Mayor

最終更新日 2019年12月27日 印刷


Welcome to Fukui City’s website!

Fukui City has overcome war and other disasters, such as an earthquake and floods, and rose, like a phoenix, from the ashes. Thanks to its citizens’ indomitable spirits, Fukui City has revived and developed into a major city, and is still working on further development.

Blessed with abundant nature in which a variety of seasonal food is cultivated, Fukui City also has a tradition of nurturing great, historical figures.

With our bountiful, natural environment and rich traditions, Fukui City is working hard to become a city which our citizens can be proud of and where people can shine. We are also trying our best to promote and create a prosperous future for Fukui City.

We of Fukui City hope you enjoy everything we have to offer.

HIGASHIMURA Shinichi                                                                                      Mayor